Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cured Kidney Problem, by Acupressure (Part-1)

 Cured Kidney Problem, by Acupressure

Modern age has brought with it an increase in the number of cases related to the kidney problems. Day by day, this problem is growing bigger and bigger and in spite of new equipment for dialysis and operations for transplantation of kidney, it has become a mega problem-. The demand for kidneys is so great that it has even lured the doctors to remove kidneys from the innocent, gullible patients and do illegal trading in the same. Surprisingly, the popular medical therapy has not understood the function of the kidneys and so do not know how to repair the same. 

They are making a big hue and cry about the same making the poor, illiterate people scared. They have introduced dialysis and operations for transplantation of kidneys and have made it a big business but at the cost of mankind. 

It should be noted that kidneys are like metal filters (e.g.-sieve, which we use to filter flour-filter tea, etc.). And these kidneys are supposed to work for a lifetime. Now in case the flour is wet and gets stuck in the holes of the metal filter, further filtering is stopped. At that time do we throw away this metal filter? No. We clean it and use it for a long time. Then why not clean the tiny holes in the kidneys and allow it to function normally for life?

Mother nature is very kind. It has grown tea, and we use it daily without knowing its therapeutic value. Before we learn about the use of tea, let us examine why there is failure of kidneys - or to say correctly how and why the tiny filters of our kidneys are filled up and prevent the function of filtering toxins from the blood. (continued...)

Source : Health in Your Hands by Devendra Vora

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