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Endocrine Glands

Endocrine Glands

What is the endocrine glands ?
The endocrine glands are those that manufacture one or more hormones and secretes them directly into the blood stream.
They are the pituitary, the pineal, the thyroid-parathyroid, the adrenal, the ovary and testis, the placenta and part of the pancreas.

Why the endocrine gland is important ?
The activities of these glands control the whole body. These glands are all inter-related and inter dependent.
If one gland is not functioning properly over a long period of time then another or several other glands may also be affected.
Therefore, it is vital that all the endocrine gland pressure points are pressed if one is trying to cure oneself of any problem.
If these glands don't work well then our character and behavior may be affected as well.

Functions And Effects of The Malfunctioning of Endocrine Glands :

Name of Gland Effect of Malfunctioning
1. Thymus Glands No 38 
Protects children up to the age of 15.
Children may get sick. Their mental development may also be affected.
2. Pineal Gland No No 4 
Controls the sexual/reproductive system and is the primitive eye.
Premature sexual development, water retention, high blood pressure.
3. Pituitary Gland No 3 
Controls the other glands governs the brain and the development of the body.
Body doesn't develop normally, mental development may be retarded. There may be behavioral problems in children.
4. Thyroid/Parathyroid Glands No 8 
These glands controls the absorption and supply of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Also controls the development of the body.
Under working leads to rickets, convulsions, teeth problems, twisted muscles, tendency to put on weight. Over working leads to overgrowth, bulging eyes, protruding Adam's apple etc.
5. Adrenal Glands No. 28
Controls production of bile and controls the liver and also moulds the character of the person.
Under working leads to timidity, lack of energy. Over working leads to high blood pressure, lack of bile causing acidity and vomiting; severe headaches and even an increase in cholesterol levels.
6. Pancreas No. 25 
Control digestion of sugar in the body and creates digestive juices.
Under working leads to diabetes; overworking leads to low blood pressure, dizziness and even to alcoholism due to hypoglycemia, i.e. deficiency of glucose.
7. Ovaries,Testes No. 14 & 15 
Controls reproduction, body temperature and the digestion of phosphorous.
If reproductive organs are damaged- menstrual problems, masturbation, loss of heat causing the person to put on weight, unattractiveness of the body, less /more sexual desire.
8. Lymph Glands No. 16
Stops formation of pus and prevents infections and cancers
Leads to increase in blood suger and gives rise to cancers.

 Source : A Self Treatment Manual by Sagar Sagir.

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