Friday, April 12, 2013

The rules of Acupressure (part-5)

 The rules of

Which points do we need to press before we finally finish? 
The point that must be pressed last is no. 26, the kidney point. When doing acupressure we release the toxins that have accumulated in various organs and glands and the elimination of these is helped by pressing the kidney point last.

How can I tell if I am getting better ?
If, by doing acupressure regularly the pain in my points improve then I am getting better and this will also become apparent in the symptoms I had before starting the treatment.

Why is the pain during acupressure worse on the feet than on the hands ?
Our feet are more sensitive then our hands because our hands are in constant us and may be desensitized.

How can I stay youthful?
Our bio- electricity is created in the finger- tips of our right hand. The central point is midway between our wrist and our elbow. This point is called the main switch and is a round point an inch across. If, this point is pressed daily, then the aging process is slower.

How many days does it take to cure a disease ?
In for instance, painful joints such as the neck or the shoulder we may get relief very quickly although to cure the problem completely will take longer. Generally the longer we have had the problem the longer it may take to cure it. Also we need to take notice of the way we eat and live, to help the curative process.

What are the instruments used in Acupressure ?
Generally we can use our Fingers and/or a blunt such as the rounded end of an unsharpened pencil.
The important thing to remember is that it doesn't matter what we use so long as we find the correct location of our pressure points by being aware of the pain, tenderness or sensitivity in the point being pressed. Always do it the way it feels correct to you. You may prefer to use your index finger rather than your thumb on certain points, it really doesn't matter.

Source : A Self Treatment Manual by Sagar Sagir.

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