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Process of Acupressure

Process of Acupressure

What is the process of cure in Acupressure ?
Initially when we start acupressure we may find some points very tender or painful. If these points are pressed daily, the pain will start to lessen very quickly, this means that the organs or glands they correspond to will have started the healing process. When we press these points, toxins are being released from these organs, glands or nerves and these then accumulate in the kidneys. Therefore, it is very important that everyone doing acupressure must press the kidney points last, in order to eliminate all the toxins released from pressing all the other points.

How do you prevent disease by Acupressure ?
`Prevention is better than cure’ is a very important maxim. Only by acupressure can disease be prevented. Normally we never think about our health except when we are suffering with an illness. Even then we only realise that we are sick when the illness has significantly progressed, at which point we may not be able to carry on with our normal lives; or in extreme cases might even be bedridden.
Thus, when a healthy person presses their points and feels pain in some of them, it may signal the presence of an illness in its early stages.
Therefore a diagnosis can be made even when a person is unaware of any problems.
Over time, people usually have a build-up of toxins which accumulate and block the flow in the meridian lines and this affects their Vital Force negatively, often leading to damaged organs and glands.
With regular pressing of the points, any disease or illness, can be prevented.

Can anyone do this therapy?
Most people can do acupressure easily and safely, children, as well as adults.

Who is it not appropriate for?
Pregnant women who have previously miscarried should abstain from this therapy for the first 4 months of pregnancy. Generally pregnant women shouldn't press any point on the backs of the hands or feet. During pregnancy, points should be pressed in moderation but only after the first 16 weeks.
Also people with very high blood pressure and people under great mental strain should start treatment gently especially on the pineal and pituitary points.

Does acupressure have any side effects?
There are no bad side effects but some good ones. For instance if one has neck pain and presses the neck point it could result in the alleviation of shoulder pain as well.

Source : A Self Treatment Manual by Sagar Sagir.

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